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Sample Invoice

This is a SAMPLE INVOICE. Your personal message would be a part of the invoice sent. The sample invoice below has a SAMPLE personal message.

 Congratulations! You have won the following on Ebay:

 "Steve Yzerman/Osgood Limited Exposure BV$225",
 Ebay Auction #10088069, for $51.00.

  "Brett Favre Playoff Spectralusion XXXI",
  Ebay Auction #1101008936, for $8.00.

  Items:           $59.00
  Total Postage :  $ 2.00
  Total Insurance: $ 1.80
  PLEASE SEND:     $62.80

 If you live outside the US please add .50 to your total.

 Payment should be sent to :

  Sample Invoice
  Attn: EBAY
  PO Box 1234
  Your town, USA 12345

  Make checks payable to: Your Company/Name

 Payment can now be made through .
 Make paypal payments to .

 If you have any questions or problems, please write to me.

 Your name here

This was an automatically generated Ebay invoice. If you have any questions
about lots won, please contact the seller of the item(s). Thanks for using (Triple Threat Auction Tools)
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