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Your Account

To enter your account, click on the "Your Account" button:

Your Account

If you do not sign in, each of the blue buttons will give a description of what they do:

Set up your invoices, variables, and everything else you need to send out invoices with using the "Set Invoices" button.

Set Up Invoices

This is where you can see how much you owe and where and how to send payment.

Payment Info

In the "Acct History" area, you can see when we recieved payment and how much you owe at any time. Each time invoices are sent, the quantity will appear here. There will also be a link to see your full account history and last month's bill.

Account History

The "Change Info" area is where you go if you need to change any of your personal information.

Change Info

"Find Item" is where you can look up an item from an auction. You can look up an item by number and it'll tell you who won it, at what price, and whether or not it was paid for. (As long as this was one of the items that we sent out an invoice for!)
You can also look up part of an item description or a person's ebay ID to see what was won.

Find Item

In the "Account Status" area, you will be able to see if you currently owe money on your account and when it is due by. It will also let you know if you are not able to send invoices, mark items as paid, or print labels.

Account Status

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